The BBG Team

Buck Beltzer

Also a Professional Engineer, Buck's speciality is mitigating disputes during the project and resolving claims after completion.  Full Bio.

Henry Bangert

Henry has favorably resolved well over $100M in disputes and has negotiated construction, design-build, and EPC contracts collectively worth more than $3.5 billion.  Full Bio.

Bret Gunnell

A former engineer with 25 years in construction law and a First Tier Chambers rating, Bret has won more cases than most lawyers will try.  Full Bio.


Mary Kay Monville

With more than a decade as an in-house attorney, Mary Kay has seen nearly every legal issue that could arise in a construction company.  Full Bio.

Diane Utz

After 20 years in construction management and 10 as a construction lawyer, Diane is a pro on the jobsite and in the courtroom.  Full Bio.

Counsel and Associates

Laurie Choi

With an engineering degree and contractor's license, Laurie has the tools to solve sophisticated construction law issues.  Full Bio.  

Joe Whitehead

After building high-rise commercial buildings, Joe has the foundation to relate to superintendents and teach juries and judges about how construction works.  Full Bio.

Suzanne Wilson

With experience in the business and legal side of the development and construction industries, Suzanne brings unique understanding and expertise.  Full Bio.

Paralegals and Staff

Aleamia Roberts

Aleamia has more than 20 years of experience as a paralegal working on sophisticated and complex litigation.

Amy Beltzer

Amy, the BBG Office Manager, has a decade of experience as a banker and a bachelor's in Finance from Auburn University.